Travel Planning for your Unique Family

What We Do

Modern Family Travel is a full service, concierge level travel agency offering vacation booking and planning services both domestic and international. Our agents specialize in a large variety of both popular and unique destinations allowing us to serve our clients with practically all their vacation needs. From hotels and car rentals to theme parks and all-inclusive resorts, we are here to assist our clients in curating uniquely tailored vacations.

“Here at Modern Family Travel, we recognize that no two families are alike, so why should your travel plans be any different?”

-Velia Kennedy | Owner

Why should modern families book with Modern Family Travel?

When you search some vacation destination websites you will likely find the outdated version of what a family is. A mom, dad, two children both under 12, dressed in collared shirts and khakis. Maybe your family looks like this… great! But if you are one of the many families that don’t, you may be thinking, “this doesn’t look like the place for me and my family”. At Modern Family Travel, we are experts in the destinations we book and we take the time to get to know our clients, who they are, what they like to do, and what their expectations are and match them to the best hotels, destinations, and excursions for them! Whether you are flying solo on a self love trip or getting the entire extended family together for a reunion at sea, we are here to meet and exceed your vacation planning needs.

Why use a travel agent?

We are experts in the destinations we book for our clients. We stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest travel news to best serve our clients.
Whether it’s a weather event or pandemic, we are here to help you through unpredictable emergencies that impact your travel plans. This could mean help modifying your plans or spending hours on hold with a vendor to try to get a refund in your pocket.
Getting more than what you expected from your vacation happens all the time when you use a travel agent. This may come in the form of an upgrade, priority entry into theme parks, gifts, and more!
On average clients save $452 per vacation. Travel agents have access to deals that you can’t find on the internet and have the knowledge to make modifications to your trip to help you save big!
Bottom line. If you use a travel agent you will experience more satisfaction with your booking, planning, and travel experience. This is a result from working with an agent that cares about your investment, tailors your travel to meet your unique needs, and is there to support you through the entire process.
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