Work With Us

Maybe you have worked with a travel agent before. Maybe this is your first time working with a travel agent. No worries either way! At Modern Family Travel we make it easy for you to work with us! Our process ensures that we can provide you with the best service possible. From quoting your options and booking to planning each and every detail of your vacation, we at Modern Family Travel are here to support you and your unique vacation needs.

Your family is unique and your travel plans should be unique as well. This means we need to take a moment to get to know one another. Take a look around my website and decide if you would like to work with us. Any questions about our services before we begin? Head over to the "Contact" tab and send a message. Ready to get started? Tell us more about you and your vacation inquiry by filling out the "Plan Your Trip" form.
Once we receive your form an agent will reach out within 24-36 hours to schedule a call. We can chat over the phone or Zoom. We will discuss the form and any other details that are important to know in order for us to book and plan your ideal vacation. From there your agent will prepare a max of three options for you to consider based on what was discussed during your consultation. You can select one option or request one revision/update to the options. After you select the option that is most appealing to you we will collect any deposit to secure your reservation and begin the countdown!
Once your trip is secured you can start packing your bags... or at least planning your outfits! Modern Family Travel will monitor your booking, provide any vendor or destination updates, provide you with important dates/reminders, and collect any payments necessary along the way. Want us to book dining reservations, excursions, spa treatments, etc.? We offer those services too. A final itinerary will be provided to you after final payment is made and prior to your take off. Have fun and take a lot of pictures!
We can't wait to hear all about your vacation! You can expect to hear with us within a week upon your return to see how your trip was and if there is anything else we can do for you.

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Disneyland, California