Pros and Cons to Flying Budget Airlines

As I sit here with my knees against the seat in front of me, I thought it would be a good time to share some pros and cons to flying budget airlines.


✔ You can get amazingly cheap flights. I’m talking $80 round trip from PHL to MCO cheap. You just have to search early and often… and be sure you are searching incognito for the best prices!

✔Family friendly. There tend to be tons of families on value flights. I mean think about it… if you are a family with multiple kids all flying the cost adds up. Flying value eases that financial burden!

✔Pilots and staff are equality as qualified and professional. You are getting the same service as you would in other flights (just without the free snacks and other unnecessary extras!)


✖Space is tighter. If you are 6ft 5in you may be uncomfortable on a long flight. The seats are closer together so your legroom is limited. Your tray tables are smaller and well.

✖No free drinks or snacks. Be prepared to drop $8 on a Heineken mid-air!

✖No free bags. You will typically only get one free item a person. I’m talking backpack or smaller… leave your rolling carry on at home or be prepared to pay about $25 for that baby! Checked bags cost too!

My thoughts…

💫Bring your own drinks and snacks on your flights to avoid hefty in-air costs!

💫Fly value when your trip is shorter and no checked bags are needed.

💫Always compare cost and consider all fees including baggage fees. You may find another airline is less expensive after you consider the baggage fees.

💫Suck it up. Try not to complain about the room you have on your flight. Think about your vacation destination and how lucky you are to get away for a while!

PHL -> MCO | Frontier Airlines Flight

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